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No background

Single character



+$30 for complex character
(ex/ centipede man with countless legs)

Flat color2 75 dollars.png
Flat color4 75 dollars.png
Flat color 75 dollars.png
Flat color5 75 dollars.png


Half-body (waist)



No background

Single character

Cel-shade3 halfbody 90 dollars.jpg
Cel-shade2 halfbody 90 dollars.png
Cel-shade3 halfbody 90 dollars.png
Cel-shade4 halfbody 90 dollars.png

No background

Single character




+$40 for complex character
 centipede man with countless legs)

comm 2.png



No background

Single character



cel-shade 4-3 3 90 dollars.png
cel-shade 4-3 2 90 dollars.png
cel-shade 4-3 5 90 dollars.png
cel-shade 4-3 4 90 dollars.png
1cel-shade2 175 dollars.png
1cel-shade 175 dollars.png
1cel-shade3 175 dollars.png
1cel-shade4 175 dollars.png


Depends on detail

+$30 to $160

extra bg plus 160 dollar.jpg
File 44 - dark - small.jpg


Things I Will Not Draw

- Giant/over-size boobs and hips

- Adult art and fetish art

- Hate and discrimination

- Any sexual acts

- Muddy melting characters in sexual design or whatever that can be related to sperm. The design far from the above is acceptable (such as inky cap mushroom monster, candle banshee or lava ghost)

Things I Can Draw

- Humans

- Furries / Anthros
- Creatures
- Fanart


- I do not do special discounts.

- References must be SFW. I will not work from nudity, sexual/pornographic content, and any fetish references.

- I have the right to reject a commission for any reason.

- Paypal and Wise in USD

- Invoice must be paid upfront before start the process.

- You will get sketch. Please make any requests for pose changes, color changes, or missing details during the first sketch only.

- You cannot make any requests for changes after the commission is completed (inked and colored).

- I will do revisions in the final process if a mistake is my own fault.

- You may not have someone finish any sketches of mine.

- No refund.

- The clients, can re-post their commission for private use such as icons, profile images, etc. As long as it's personal use.
- This is a personal commission. You cannot sell my artwork in any way including the sketches.
- I refuse to do NFT commission.

- You may not use the finished artwork or sketches for NFTs or crypto-related projects.

- I accept commissions for visual novel art.

- If you're interested in commercial commission, please contact me.

- Completed commission with hi-resolution artwork will be sent to email in the digital product (png. and jpg. file). 

- You will not send any unsolicited PayPal payment directly to me. Any random payment sent to the Artist’s PayPal without permission will be refunded, minus any fees deducted by PayPal.

- Please don't harass me while I’m doing your commission. I will update the process when I work slower than usual.

- At this time. The turnaround time for the commission is expected to be 1 to 2 weeks for one piece. I may finish the commission faster or slower depending on the commission type, technical problems or long queue.

- Please contact me via

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